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Webantic are a cloud software development consultancy based in Manchester, United Kingdom.

The Fashion Network

The Fashion Network

Dubbed "the LinkedIn of fashion". We modernised The Fashion Network with a robust recruitment, publishing and networking platform.

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About Webantic

Webantic are an award-winning cloud software development team based in Manchester. From service and experience design to architecting technical solutions in response to complex problems, our objective is to help clients navigate the commercial challenges of user-centric application design and build.

We have a smart and creative environment, driven by honesty and collaboration. Our approach is always dynamic and agile which enables us to be responsive to client and customer needs.

"For years I've been involved in software and when starting Usecure I knew we needed a partner that we could trust and get excited about. We assessed multiple development partners where Webantic were the clear winner. They started adding value from the first meeting and their passion for software development surpasses our expectations everyday."
Charles Preston
Charles Preston
Co-founder at Usecure

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