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The Vision.

Closing the Loop

Tired of losing users to third-party services, we set out to create sticky listeners by giving Reform Radio complete ownership over their platform in an endevour we dubbed "closing the loop".

Closing the loop diagram

Desiging the Hub

Our key aim was to build centralized "performance hubs" for interacting with and around a show. It was imperative that this was run through Reform-controlled infrastructure as it would afford us a number of benefits:

  1. It would allow us to maximise user engagement by focusing interaction at centralised points
  2. It would enable us to measure activity and participation much more acurately than if users were listening via 3rd party sites
  3. Most importantly, it would allow us to keep re-engaging users, by offering them suggestions for other shows they might like based on their taste profile.
User microclusters

The Build.

Building Infrastructure

It would have been nice to have been able leverage pre-existing radio-station software. Unfortunately, they were all either too limiting or impossible to integrate with. After a little research, it was clear we were going to have to build the entire end-to-end broadcasting, scheduling and asset-management infrastructure from scratch (yelp!).

Reform Radio Infrastructure Diagram

Admin & DJ tools

In addition to the underlying infrastructure, we needed to build a robust management interface for both administrators and DJs. The current process for DJs was overly manual so the suite of features this build introduced were welcomed by the team at Reform. We also went further to connect DJs with their audience by allowing them to participate in the live chat on the website from their console.

Scheduling animation

Looking Forward

Reform Radio are now in a position where they can engage users on-site and start to build up profiles which we can use to further customise the experience in the future. They've also been freed from their dependency on sites like Soundcloud and Airtime, putting them fully in control of their technology.

Reform have big plans for growth over the next few years, and thanks to the platform they are better placed than ever to take Manchester (and the world) by storm.

Reform Radio Website

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